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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering department specializes in Civil, Structural and Earthquake Design of buildings and infrastructures. The team consists of highly skilled and specially trained engineers and designers, who create innovative engineering solutions for a variety of structures:

  • Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  • Steel and Composite Structures
  • Industrial Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Structural Capacity Estimation and Rehabilitation of Structures
  • Earthquake Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Surveying Studies

The team is also specially trained in tailor-design of industrial infrastructure and equipment foundation, taking into account all the special parameters and specifications as well as international laws and standards .

Our personnel has long-year experience and has taken part in the design of several private and public projects, such as:

Infrastructures for Refinery Units

Our team has undertaken the structural design of the infrastructure of several plants. The design includes all kind of relevant structures, such us:

  • Steel pipe-racks
  • Steel structures supporting Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Foundation design for storing tanks, pumps, compressors, exchangers, vessels and flares
  • Concrete control and office buildings

Design takes into account special mechanical and thermal loads applied on supporting structures.


 Buses Repairing Depot

The project deals with the construction of the building installations and the implementation of all necessary infrastructure of a new buses depot. It includes concrete buildings which are used as office installations, as well as steel buildings which are used for the technical check, repairing , painting and servicing of buses. Each building is specially designed in order to fulfill its special use technical needs. Special servicing pits are constructed at the basements of the repairing buildings. Special support of industrial cranes is designed for both of the steel buildings.

Office and  Residential Buildings

Our team has undertaken a considerable number of private office and residential buildings. Our main asset is to create a building which inspires its occupants, serves their everyday life and harmoniously adapts with its surroundings. We work in close collaboration with our clients and offer practical solutions so as to design a safe and attractive building which efficiently fulfils all their present and future needs.

Multiple Activities Complex

The project takes place in a touristic area. It includes:

- Parking Building: In order to service the high number of visitors, a semi-underground garage building is constructed. The building is made of concrete. Moreover, its roof was planted with trees in order to avoid any environmental impact on the area.

  • A swimming pool
  • Construction of a hotel inspired from local architecture
  • Restaurant and entertainment buildings.

Consulting Studies for Retrofing and Seismic Desing of Viaduct in Highly Seismic Region

The study investigates the failure of the 1600 bearings of the Viaduct arising from the excessive relative displacements between the span and the piers, during a major earthquake with 7,2R magnitude. Alternative models of the typical 50-meters high single column are studied, taking into consideration or ignoring the soil-structure interaction and investigating the possible role of the dissipating devices. By comparing the results of all analyses, the possible contribution of the different

factors to the large displacements is emphasized and the parameters of the appropriate seismic isolation system are designed.