Waste Lube Oil Re-refining

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 GIT has a very big experience in re-refining and in the upgrading of the products produced from the distillation of Waste Lube Oil. Our key personnel have 30 years of experience in critical positions in the re-refining industry. Our processes include:

Adjustment of final base oil viscosity grades, according to its plants needs.

  • Upgrading of the Base Oil fractions of the Waste Lube Oil. Our top, state of the art process is the high pressure hydrotreating. This process results in high value, excellent quality of Base Oils, of Grade II/III quality level.
  • Production of Grade I base oils, from Waste Lube Oil distillates, by our solvent extraction process.
  • Upgrading of the fuel range distillates from Waste Lube Oils, by high pressure hydrotreating, to produce diesel range fuels.

Also GIT offers its consultancy services for the utilization of re-refined base oils in various finished oil formulations.