Process Engineering

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Green Industrial Technologies Ltd offers Technical Services and Process Design Services for a variety of different applications. GIT designs process units and process equipment. Troubleshooting, Revamping, Startup and follow-up services are also offered.

Sample Projects:

a) Refinery – wide fuel gas management system study, Mediterranean major crude oil refinery. The refinery consists of two parallel trains of units, each with its own fuel gas system. Field survey followed by detailed fired heater mass & material balances revealed that one train usually had a fuel gas surplus while the other train operated at fuel gas deficit.

GIT designed and proposed the installation of an overall fuel gas management system based on mass balance feedforward control.

b) Refinery – wide fired heater efficiency improvement study, Mediterranean major crude oil refinery. GIT performed field survey of the refinery and calculated the efficiencies of all the fired heaters. The furnaces with the highest improvement efficiency potential were identified and air preheater systems with forced/induced draft fans were specified.

 c) GIT has special experience in Heat Exchanger Design, according to TEMA standards and ASME codes for heavy refinery and industrial service.

d) GIT has designed and supervised the manufacture & erection of API compliant fired heaters.